Radio Alice Clapham: Fluffy pizzas, burrata & Negronis - a winning combo in Clapham | Recommended by Have You Heard Of It? | A curation of design-led hotspots around the world, tried and tasted

Radio Alice, London: Fluffy pizzas & Negronis

X7th January 2018
As the explanation scrawled on the wall of the Clapham pizzeria states, Radio Alice’s pizza is crispy yet soft because it contains “stone-ground whole grain organic flour rich in nutritious elements”, which is then turned into dough which is “left
Zumbura restaurant, Clapham | Recommended by | Have You Heard Of It? blog

Zumbura: Not your average Indian, in Clapham Old Town

X29th May 2014
When the invitation to dine at Zumbura popped into my inbox, I was immediately excited.  This looked like an Indian restaurant with a fresh twist – none of that flocked wallpaper, green and purple colour scheme or dodgy soundtrack here;