Everything on Have You Heard Of It? is tried and tested – I have personally visited all of these places and, most importantly, would recommend them all.  This means you can use and trust HYHOI as a guide – search by category, destination or map, safe in the knowledge that any place that catches your eye has received the HYHOI seal of approval!
All of the restaurants, cafés, bars, hotels and fitness studios on HYHOI are fantastic in some way – it is definitely my prerogative to visit places with beautiful interiors, and even better if there’s great food, coffee or exercise to be had too!
How it all began…
I lost count of the times I was asked, “Help, I need a restaurant recommendation!  You should start a blog!” and eventually I listened to the voices, and Have You Heard Of It? (HYHOI) was born.
I live in London, so this is my main stomping ground (namely, Soho, Fitzrovia, Brixton and Shoreditch).  I’m a terrible cook, so I love to eat out.  I’m a design fanatic, so I love to go to beautiful places.  I like to be ahead of the crowd, so pop-ups and new openings are my fave.  I’m a normal twentysomething girl, so of course I like shopping… and coffee… and cocktails…  And I like places to be good value for money – if it’s expensive, it better be amazing!
If you share these interests, then I’m certain you’ll like what you see on my site 🙂
And you can rest assured that any place on the site has been given the HYHOI seal of approval.  If I visit somewhere and it doesn’t make the grade, I simply won’t mention it.  No bad reviews to wade through, just a list of all the places you need to check out!  So see what takes your fancy and go enjoy it.
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I hope you will find this curated collection of hotspots to be an inspirational guide, and share in some of my favourites – I’d love to hear your feedback!
Please send any tip-offs, recommendations or invitations my way via one of the above channels.  I’m a total neophile so newness is my prerogative.
Other info – in case you’re interested!
My camera is a rather beautiful retro-look Olympus PEN E-PL7.  Or I get Insta-snap happy with my phone (Google Nexus 5).
Blog built in WordPress by Ciaran McCormick.
I also write for Country & Town House (see my restaurant reviews and lifestyle features here), and am the London correspondent for international hotspot curator Melting Butter.

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