Colonna & Small’s: Superior speciality coffee in Bath | Recommended by Have You Heard Of It? | A curation of design-led hotspots around the world, tried and tasted

If you only have time for one coffee shop in Bath, make it this one: Colonna & Small’s.
Maxwell Colonna-Dashwood has made his cafe an almost educational experience, providing customers with an original and unrivalled tasting experience. The interiors are simple and stripped back, and there’s no food on offer – basically, anything that could distract from the coffee itself has been skipped. Coffee is the primary focus, and the baristas are super knowledgeable and happy to advise – which is welcome when the coffee menu runs to several pages…!
Oh and it’s dog friendly.

Lead image by @flavourmatters.
Colonna & Small’s
6 Chapel Row, Bath, BA1 1HN