SugarSin: Mind-blowing Swedish sweet shop in Covent Garden

Sweidsh sweet shop SugarSin boldly states that its Covent Garden shop is the place “where grey clouds turn into rainbows”, and I can vouch for this, since I can’t even be within half a kilometre of the place without making a detour via the colourful store to fill my pockets with sweets.
SugarSin sweet shop, Covent Garden
SugarSin was created by two Swedish sisters with a passion for sweets, who want to share their love of candy with Londoners (and online).  Opening a store on the corner of Long Acre and Drury Lane, which is tasteful yet bonkers (“we wanted to create a modern Pippi Longstocking style shop”), they’ve created an unexpected world where modern life meets fantasies and childhood memories – and with so many new sweets I hadn’t come across before, this is a place to make new ones too.
SugarSin sweet shop, Covent Garden
The sisters handpick sweets from all over Europe – and if they can’t find what they’re looking for, they make it themselves.  Only the tastiest and best quality candies will pass the test, and the sweets are mainly naturally coloured, and free from any trans fats or genetically modified ingredients – so you can indulge with a clear conscience.  The majority of the range is Scandinavian, mainly because they are surprisingly flavourful and are made of very high quality ingredients (did you know that the Swedes eat the most pick ‘n’ mix in the world, and are probably more proud of their sweets than they are of their Royal Family!?)
With hundreds of different flavours, textures and combinations for you to choose from, either to pick ‘n’ mix (in gift-able glass jars or paper bags) or to buy in ready-made pots, you really need to taste it to believe it.
SugarSin sweet shop, Covent Garden
I recently took a huge jar of SugarSin sweets to a dinner party, and we cracked them open after dessert.  Literally, the giant jar was emptied within minutes, they were that good – full of flavour, often weird, and so more-ish, everyone was asking me where I’d bought them.
SugarSin sweet shop, Covent Garden
My recommendations:

  • Sweethearts – “Sweeter than the sweetest strawberries, it’s a true sweetheart. Only natural colours of course.”  I could eat these alllll day.
  • Chocolate-coated Foam Bananas – “Gluten free and only containing natural colours, this delicious bite is top of the list amongst many of our customers” – an ingredient match made in heaven, I love it!
  • Centres – these are like an incredibly posh Rolo, but with way more chocolate and a much smoother centre.
  • Chocolate-covered Gummy Bears – SugarSin have figured that if you take great sweets and dip them in chocolate, they get EVEN better.  These raspberry jelly bears have been for a dip in a chocolate fountain, and are all the more delicious for it.
  • Crick – I just discovered this one last time I went: Chocolate covered creamy marshmallow, filled with caramel, these sizeable bites are so more-ish.
  • Sour Octopuses – blow-your-head-off sour and fizzy marshmallows.

SugarSin sweet shop, Covent Garden
The perfect gift…
SugarSin have old fashioned glass jars that you can buy and fill for £20 – they make the perfect gift, and you can stuff as much into the jar as you can manage.  A bargain if you ask me.
They also sell pre-packaged sweets (single flavour and selection), and are happy to help with corporate orders, bespoke jars and wedding favours!
Bad day at work?
The store is open till 8pm on weekdays, so I have been known to stop by for a post-work pick-me-up!
SugarSin sweet shop, Covent Garden
1 Russell Street, Covent Garden, London, WC2B 5JD